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rate back to normal the cardio--vert. it is. craig they have that technology to get that done. the atrial flutter is something that i have had for nearly all my life. with the doctors, they said that they could go out and and remove them this and get this procedure done. and i'm not going to be stubborn like a mule. i will do with the doctors tell me >> harbaugh is on medication and will be working on his diet to. after one week from the resignation of cia director, michael petraeus he was on capitol hill. -- david petraeus wanted to know what he knew. emily schmidt has more. >> the cameras ready before dawn hoping to get a glimpse of david petraeus about the deadly attack in benghazi one week after resigning in disgrace. he came but nobody saw him if they said that they protected petraeus because he came voluntarily with a whole about fear that deadly attacks after september 11th. his testimony did not seem to care much of weather or not he downplayed information about terrace involvement. >> also the overwhelming amount of evidence was showing spontaneous demonstration and w
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1